Надо составить 10 предложений по в прошедшем времени

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10.03.2019 18:48

we are reading a sci-fi story about aliens these days.

1. who is reading a sci-fi story?

2. are we reading a sci-fi story?

3. what are we reading?

4. when are we reading a sci-fi story?

5. what story are we reading?

6. what is the story about?

7. is the story about aliens or about animals?

8. we are reading a sci-fi story about aliens, aren't we?



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10.03.2019 18:48
My school life is wonderful. there are three floors in my school and many new classrooms. there are a lot of computers which we can use. my dream is every classroom has ten and more new computers with internet.  there are lots of concerts, performances and sport competitions in our school. my classmates and i often take part in different school events. i have a lot of friends in my class.   our teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly. i like my school very much.
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10.03.2019 18:48

newspapers and magazines keep us well-informed. i read news­papers and magazines regularly. i like to read local newspapers and magazines for teenagers. my favourite newspaper is «fakty» and the magazine i like best is «cool». these publications are cheap editions.

«fakty» is a weekly newspaper. it contains twenty pages. my family subscribes to it. we can also buy it at the newsagent's. the newspaper covers the most important international and domestic issues. news items receive full coverage on its pages. it also has a supplement with a tv guide and a lot of commercials. i prefer reading «cool» because it publishes interesting articles that deal with the problems of teenagers. from the magazine articles i can get useful advice about how to cope with problems in difficult situations.

the information i get from the press helps me to understand the present-day world and know the life of the country. i find it interesting and useful to read about the life of young people in the country. i am interested in sport events and cultural issues too.

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18.03.2019 00:30

1.  lasr month  my mother and i went to school at 8 o'clock.

2 once there lived a king.

they lived in a beautiful forest

4 last year i visited switzeland andgermany.

5 it was a nice summer day.

6we returned to town late in the evening.

7 when we came home, we had supper and went to bed at


8 we stayed out of doors all day long.

9 we had a very good time in the country.

10 after breakfast we left the home.


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