1. Tom got a PC? Have

2 My friend is talking to .

3.. flour do we need for the cake?
How many
How much

missmarial2010   ·   25.01.2023 19:38
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Ответ разместил: Валерия1704
10.03.2019 18:51

clothes make the man      одежда красит человека



1)a,t,c,o. - coat

2)h,o,s,e,s. -  shoes

3)j,r,h,t,s.- shirt

4)r,s,t,h,o,s. - shorts


Ответ разместил: alekseevaaa12072002
10.03.2019 18:51

1 cruise

2 beach

3 trekking

4 first-class

5 famous

6 breathtaking

7 freezing

8 guided

9 local

10 candelit

Ответ разместил: Aliona456
10.03.2019 18:48

2) - their  office  hours don't begin  at 9 o'clock

? do  their  office hours begin  at 9 o'clock?

3) - mr. bell isn't busy all day.

? is mr.bell busy all  day?

4) - there aren't sone cables on the table.

? are some cables on the table?

5) - she can't translate some letters from english into russian.

? can she translate some letters  from  english into russian?

6) - he doesn't has some offers  fron bell& co.

? does he has some offers from bell& co.

7) - mr. smith hadn't  bought several machines  from green& co by  june 2005.

?   had mr. smith bought  several  machines  from green& co  by june  2005?

8) - they weren't reading french newspapers yesterday at 5 o'clock.

?   were they  reading  french newspapers  yesterday at 5 o'clock?

9) - the engineers didn't meet some inspectors  a  week ago.

? did the engineers  meet some inspectors  a week ago?

10) - we haven't already received fives enquiries  from blake& co.

? have we already  recieved fives  enquiries  from blake& co?

11) - they haven't  a lot of  offices in london.

? have they  a lot of  offices  in london?

Ответ разместил: DipperGo
25.01.2023 19:39

Відповідь:1)Has Tom got a PC?

2)My friend is talking to her.

3)How much flour do we need for the cake?

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