До іть, будь ласка!

Stak96   ·   25.01.2023 15:36
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10.03.2019 18:48

2. was меняем на has

3. is be меняем на was

4. ate меняем на eaten

5. being меняем на be

6. is playing меняем на is being played

7. by меняем на with

8. writting меняем на written

; )

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10.03.2019 18:48

i want to speak about my fovorite author vladimir zheleznikov .he was born, in 1925, in  byelorussia  in childhood he traveled a lot, because his father was soldier. he finished school of artillery and the institute of name gorky. he wrote about relahons adults and childrens, of about betrayal and loyalty and about childrens. his books were translated on all languages of the world. my favorite book is scarecrow(чучело). protagonist of the story lena bessonova. вроде всё.

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10.03.2019 18:48

1) they didn't go to the cinema

2) she didn't buy a new computer

3) she didn't study for a history test

4) there were not two thousand people at the concert

5) he didn't call 10 minutes ago

6) the film didn't start at 9: 00

    1) did they go to the cinema?

    2)did she buy a new computer?

    3)did she study for a history test?

    4)were there two thousand people at the concert?

    5) did he call 10 minutes ago?

    6)did the film start at 9: 00?

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25.01.2023 15:37





5. flight


Ex two


2.First or second class?

3.Ill take a second class ticket

4.Yes sure

5.whats the difference

6.First class tickets are

P.s. во втором упр. я написал начало предложения

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