5. Fill in the gaps with ordinal and cardinal numbers in English. 1. We have breakfast at o'clock. (8)
2. It is the time he comes here. (8)
3. This is the book I am reading this month. (4)
4. You must do this exercise the time. (2)
5. He is in the class. (7)
6. I have worked on this for hours. (3)
7. You will find the answer in the lesson. (3)
8. Monday is the day of the week. (1)
9. The part will be for him. (10)
10. My boy is in the form. (5)

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овощи для зрения и улучшают работу желудка. а компьютер и телеизор портят зрение и может возникнуть головная боль.лучше есть фркуты и овощи что бы быть здоровым

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In the 1970s new tv technologies were  developed. a lot of tv programmes are devoted to politics. in the future new tv stations will be built in russia. i am sure the best tv films will be shown next year. television is used for many purposes. the is known as the best non-commercial television system. television signal is sent from a central source and received by home tv sets. more and more people will be touch with the help of television in the future. our lives will be dominated by television in the future. we hope that more good films are watched by young people.
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1. eight

2. eighth

3. fourth

4. second

5. seventh

6. three

7. third

8. first

9. tenth

10. fifth

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