There is / There are - Some / Any Look at the picture and write sentences. carrots • meat • pineapples • bananas ● chocolate cheese · TOP MARK 23456 1 There are some carrots 2 There isn't any. chocolate. there 6 78 • potatoes • flour 8 9 • cola

Nastena102002   ·   21.01.2023 21:19
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10.03.2019 18:51

supersonic  airplanes  will  fly  in  2100  above  earth.

people  will  communicate  the  method  oftelepathy.

there  will  not  be  wars  in  the  world.

all  will  be  absolutely  happy.

all  children  will  eat  a  chocolate  andcandies  only.

i  would  like  to  live  in  2100.

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10.03.2019 18:48

1. а








Ответ разместил: Arynochka
10.03.2019 18:48

if you cut your finger, wash it and put a plaster on it. every night take the plaster off. put a new plaster on in the morning. you should keep your cut clean. if the cut is serious, go to see a doctor.

sometimes people feel dizzy. it is often because of bad weather or bad foot. sometimes when they are tired. if you feel dizzy put your head between your legs. the blood will go to your head. you ll feel better.

Ответ разместил: Anatoliy1111111
21.01.2023 22:00

There are some pineapples

There isn't any cola

There are some bananas

There is some meat

There aren't any potato

There is some cheese

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