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My name is Polly. I am ten. I am a schoolgirl. I go to school. I like learning English and playing puzzles. I would like to tell you about my family. It is neither big nor small. There are four of us.
I have got a mother. Her name is Jane. She is a teacher. She is very responsible and creative. She likes her work. Her hobbies are singing and shopping. My mother is fond of reading detective stories.
I have got a father. His name is Jack. He is a doctor. He is clever and hardworking. My father likes playing golf. He goes in for sport to be healthy and strong. He is fond of fishing too.
My brother Nick is small. He is only four. He likes playing toys. Usually we get on well with him, but sometimes he is very naughty.
On Saturdays and Sundays we like to be together. Last Sunday we went to the country. We had a good rest.

1) Choose true or false
1.Polly’s mother is a doctor.
2.Polly has got a younger brother.
3.Her brother Nick is a pupil.
4.Polly is ten.
5.There are five people in Polly’s family.
6.Polly`s father is clever and hardworking..
7.Last Sunday Polly’s family went to the Zoo.
8.Last Sunday Polly’s family had a good rest.

2) Complete the sentences
1. Polly likes and
2. There members in her family
3. The name of Polly’s mum is
4. Her mother’s hobbies are and
5. Polly’s father Jack is a
6. Her father plays
7. Nick is her . He is

3) Answer the questions
1. Who (кто) likes learning English and playing puzzles?
2. Who is fond of reading detective stories?
3. Who is fond of fishing?
4. Who likes playing toys?

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my mother did not want me to spill the milk.


1. people expect the 21st century to bring peace on the earth.

2. i know my friend to be a just man.

3. we expected them to intensify the whole process

4. we know mathematics to become man`s second language

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my favourit tv programme is animals planet.  it is about nature and animals. i like this programme very much, because i love animals and i want to learn something new about nature. it is on monday and sunday. i watched my favourite programme last week. i learned a lot of information about horses and dogs. i like this programme a lot.

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1.my favourite day at school was when i have an exellent mark

2.my exciting day at school was when my teacher  did  compliment for me

3.my wounderful day at school was when mu guy kissed me

идей больше нет!

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ОТВЕТЗадание 1

[False] 1. Polly's mother is a doctor.

[True] 2. Polly has got a younger brother.

[False] 3. Her brother Nick is a pupil.

[True] 4. Polly is ten.

[False] 5.There are five people in Polly’s family.

[True] 6. Polly's father is clever and hardworking..

[False] 7. Last Sunday Polly's family went to the Zoo.

[True] 8. Last Sunday Polly's family had a good rest.

Задание 2

1. Polly likes learning English and playing puzzles.

2. There are four members in her family.

3. The name of Polly's mum is Jane.

4. Her mother’s hobbies are singing and shopping.

5. Polly's father Jack is a doctor.

6. Her father plays golf.

7. Nick is her brother. He is only four.

Задание 3

1. Polly likes learning English and playing puzzles.

2. Jane is fond of reading detective stories.

3. Jack is fond of fishing.

4. Nick likes playing toys.

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1.learning English and plaing puzzles



4.singing and shopping



7.brother, only four






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