1. Read and choose the correct sentence.

2. During summer holidays I lie in the sun, bathe in the river or sea and
3. During winter holidays I gather mushrooms and berries.
2. Choose the correct item.
1. 1... eating a smoked meat now.
a) am b) is
c) are
2. He ... giving me the krashanka.
a) am b) is c) are
3. She ... litting the candle.
a) am b) is
c) are
4. They ... cooking uzvar and kutia.
a) am
b) is
c) are
5. We... buying flowers for our mothers and sweet-hearts,
a) am b) is
C) are
3. Write five sentences about your favourite holiday.​

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1. attractive

2. aging

3. developing

4. dark

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Pro: fitness

playing youth sports helps to keep your children in shape by taking part in basic exercising activities like running.

con: injury

with any athletic activity comes the possibility of injury. while most injuries require little more than rest to heal, there is always the risk of serious injury.


pro: socialization

youth sports is an excellent opportunity for children to meet other kids their own age.

con: expense

between registration and admission costs, youth leagues can become quite expensive.

pro: drive

youth sports is an excellent opportunity to teach children about personal drive and healthy competitiveness that will help them later in life.

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ukraine is a industrial region.  it is located onthe  south-eastern europe.  the capital of ukraine is kyiv.  it has state borders with russia, belarus and moldova. it also borders on poland, czechia, slovakia, hungary and romania.  the population of ukraine is about 48 million people.  people who live in ukraine speak ukrainian. national emblem of ukraineit consists ofthe lesserand greatercoat of arms.it is currently usedonlysmallarms,adoptedfebruary 19, 1992.largecoat of armsof ukrainein the form ofabill. the climate of ukraine is moderately and continental.  the biggest cities are: kyiv, odesa, dnipropetrovsk, zaporizhia and some others. kyiv-one of the oldest cities in europe, with it`s historical monuments, museums, theatres, exhibitions halls, art galleries and it`s rich cultural life.  history of ukraineis a very interestingand exciting.  ukraine is rich infolkcustoms andtraditions, thecolor andbrightnessareamazing.  ukraine-an amazing andwonderful country.i love it.

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1) А. 2) b. 3) b. 4) c. 5) c.


Это Present Continuous.

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