Fill in: light up, attractions, fairground
1 there are so many
the almaty central park.
2 at night lots of lamps the area
3 the roller coaster is my favourite
4 i've made a beautiful flower ..
for dana.

дашаdaria12   ·   05.02.2020 06:24
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10.03.2019 18:51


d-hello,marcus! are you enjoying your holiday in egypt?

m-oh,yes! i'm having a wonderful time.

d-1)have you been    to the valley of the kings yet?

m-no,l haven't.but l 2) have  already visited tne great pyramids.they were beautiful!

d-what else 3)did you so far?

4) walked


6)has already tried

7)hasn't seen

8) haven't visited

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10.03.2019 18:48

i love summer! this is simply an unforgettable three months of happiness! so it is good when you get up early in the morning and you rejoice in the window the sun! go out into the streets and rejoice the new dark day each day you can bask in the sun and swim in the lake! since parents can go on the sea! summer evenings fine! seems to be not too hot, nor cold, i love summer.

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10.03.2019 18:48
My most terrible adventure. when i was the baby, well certainly i did not know that such преключение. in due course i learnt the world! and it has helped me. my most terrible adventure was in last year's хеллоуине. it was terrible! in the evening parents have prepared for me a surprise. i thought that they подаят to me what нибудь a toy thinking that i small. i simply dreamt of it. it has appeared a reality! but however it was terrible. my parents the pumpkins which have dressed to the own harm a cap have hidden in my room at night. and suddenly i sleep! i hear any strange and very much even a terrible voice. i have woken up and мн it was terribly terrible. there were it my parents! having learnt it i so обрадывалась, as a stone from soul свалитлась! here it an adventure!
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10.03.2019 18:48

1) they didn't go to the cinema

2) she didn't buy a new computer

3) she didn't study for a history test

4) there were not two thousand people at the concert

5) he didn't call 10 minutes ago

6) the film didn't start at 9: 00

    1) did they go to the cinema?

    2)did she buy a new computer?

    3)did she study for a history test?

    4)were there two thousand people at the concert?

    5) did he call 10 minutes ago?

    6)did the film start at 9: 00?

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