Choose the correct word.
1 don't miss/lose the changing of the guard.
2 dublin is a(n) alive/lively city, full of friendly
3 you can see/look most of the city on a bus
4 he's going on a short travel/trip to london.
5 taxi drivers know every single/only street in
the city.
6 you won't have a trouble/problem finding a

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Ответ разместил: Niks666
10.03.2019 18:53

тут легко просто подумай !

Ответ разместил: Анжелика200611111
10.03.2019 18:52

my mother did not want me to spill the milk.


1. people expect the 21st century to bring peace on the earth.

2. i know my friend to be a just man.

3. we expected them to intensify the whole process

4. we know mathematics to become man`s second language

Ответ разместил: 12355679
10.03.2019 18:51

2) yes, i have.

3) have you bought anything?

5) and what did you do after school?

Ответ разместил: katya8787871
05.02.2020 08:36
1. lose
2. an, alive
3. see
4. travel
5. only
6. problem

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