write the correct future tense or present simple or be going to.
1. i (to finish) this work in to hours.
2. i don’t believe he (to do) such thing.
3. i (to cook) a very tasty dinner today.
4. i (to close) the door. it’s to noisy outside.
5. be careful, or pickpockets (to steal) your money.
6. he (to grow) the biggest pumpkin in this village.
7. give me more time. i (to explain) you everything tomorrow.
8. i think he (to allow) you to drive his car.
9. we (to swim) in the sea this time next week.
10. my favorite tv program (to start) tomorrow at 6 p. m.
11. if you don’t turn off the music right now, i (to call) the police.
12. by 7 p. m. be (to do) his homework for 4 hours.
13. at 2 p. m. next wednesday i (to visit) my doctor.
14. look up! this branch (to fall) down.
15. you don’t have a pen, do you? i (to give) you mine.
16. don’t be angry, i (to buy) it tomorrow.
17. by the time his mother comes home, he (to clean) his room.

Ram543   ·   05.02.2020 01:39
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Ответ разместил: kiifrank
12.03.2019 15:00

she say that we shoud clean our room, then she will give us candy

Ответ разместил: 21Арина12
11.03.2019 15:20

it is cold and cloudy today, but it is not windy.when the weather is like this i like to stay at home, drink hot tea and watch funny films, because then it becomes warm and sunny at home and in my soul.


сегодня холодно и облачно, но не ветренно. когда погода похожа на эту, я люблю оставаться дома, пить горячий чай и смотреть веселые фильмы, потому что тогда становится тепло и солнечно дома и в моей душе. 

Ответ разместил: anna18366
10.03.2019 18:53

russia is very large country in the world. 141 million people live here. russia is rich in natural resources. bears are symbol of our country. all foreigners want to come to us for to take a photo with bear or at least to look at him.

Ответ разместил: polina260505
10.03.2019 18:52

                                              my family.

                                              моя семья.

i have got sister, father, mother. у меня есть сестра, папа и мама.

my father is policeman.   мой папа милиционер.

my mother is doctor.   моя мама доктор.         

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