fill in : some, any, no.
1. you can sit at the table and have dinner. there is … soup in the plate.
2. is there … milk in the bottle? –yes, there is … milk in the bottle.
3. it is spring now. there is … snow under the trees.
4. is there … bread on the table? – yes, there is … .
5. there was … coffee in the cup. it was very tasty.
6. is there … fruit on the table? – no, there isn’t fruit there.
7. go and buy … butter. there is … butter in the kitchen.
8. - was there … tea in the glass yesterday? - no, there was … tea in the glass. there was … juice there.
9. -is there … meat on the table? –no, there isn’t … meat there. there is … fish on the plate.
10. -give me … bread, please. –i am sorry, there is … bread in the kitchen.

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vacation every month

a little homework

stay overnight at the school

shorten the lessons

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At last the winter holidays came! i was very happy!     i didn't have   to get up early in the morning and run to school. i could stay in the bed till midday. but i didn't want to sleep. there were a lot of things to do. the weather was fine so my friends and i went to the skating- rink almost every day. it was fun! then i spent a week in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. it was great. i drank milk and eat a lot of tasty food which my granny prepared for me. i have many friends in this village because i go there every holidays. we went to the forest to ski, we made snowmen and played snowballs. we even played hockey! but the winter holidays were over and i returned to the city again.  i liked my holidays very much.   наконец наступили зимние каникулы! я был счастлив!   я не должен был вставать рано утром и бежать в школу. я мог   оставаться в постели до полудня. но я не хотел спать. было так много дел. погода была хорошая, так что мои друзья и я ходили на каток почти каждый день. это было весело! затем я провел неделю в деревне, где   живут  мои дедушка и бабушка  . это было здорово. я пил молоко и ел много вкусной пищи, которую моя бабушка готовила для меня. у меня много друзей в этой деревне, потому что я езжу туда каждые каникулы. мы ходили в лес кататься на лыжах, мы делали снеговиков и играли в снежки. мы даже играли в хоккей! но зимние каникулы закончились, и я вернулся в город снова. мне понравились мои каникулы.
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                                                                                                  23lenskaya str.





                                                                                            novembeк 11th,2011


dear aleks,


thanks for your kind letter, i was so strongly glad it to receive. you ask to answer me your questions-is good.

  usually i spend in front of the tv about two hours per day, and sometimes even till five o'clock.  i watch tv so much, how many it is required to me, depending on need. more often i look informative programs, or what are interesting to me at present.  i don't love the program not bearing in myself of sense.what programs you look?   why you them look?   when you them look?


it is the end of my letter. 

answer it as soon as possible.

all the best,ann.


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05.02.2020 04:36
1. some
2. any, some
3. no
4. any, some
5. some
6. any
7. some, no
8. any, no, some
9. any, any, some
10. some, no

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