fill in : some, any, no.
1. you can sit at the table and have dinner. there is … soup in the plate.
2. is there … milk in the bottle? –yes, there is … milk in the bottle.
3. it is spring now. there is … snow under the trees.
4. is there … bread on the table? – yes, there is … .
5. there was … coffee in the cup. it was very tasty.
6. is there … fruit on the table? – no, there isn’t fruit there.
7. go and buy … butter. there is … butter in the kitchen.
8. - was there … tea in the glass yesterday? - no, there was … tea in the glass. there was … juice there.
9. -is there … meat on the table? –no, there isn’t … meat there. there is … fish on the plate.
10. -give me … bread, please. –i am sorry, there is … bread in the kitchen.

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the sahara desert is in the north of africa between mountains, the sea and a very long river called the nile. (пустыня  сахара  на севере  африки,  между гор,  моря и    длинная реканазывается  нил.)

during the year lots of people from all over the world visit the sahara desert. they come in groups in big cars. they all have cameras and take lots of photos.(в течение года  множество  людей со всего  мира посещают  пустыне сахара.они приходят  в группы  в больших  автомобилях.  все они имеют  камер и  взятьмного фотографий.)

not many people live in the desert, because it is such a difficult environment. a few people move from one of the desert to another with them camels and goats . (

не многие  люди живут в  пустыне,  потому что это  такой  сложной обстановке.несколько  люди переезжают  из одного из  пустыни  к другому  с ними  верблюды и козы.)      
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when i am ill , i am in bed

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here's a short one, hope this helps:


my favorite singer is cesaria evora.  she was born in 1941 in cape verde,  a  small country located off the coast of africa.  her career really took off after she recorded her first album, "la diva aux pied nus" in the 80s.  she quickly became the grand dame of mornas, a specific creole genre of music and dancing.  her voice is easily recognizable, her appearance is memorable.  cesaria, while singing in  the native language of her little island-nation  is beloved around the world.  she has a marvelous stage presence, often dancing barefoot, smoking between the songs, and chit chatting with her musicians. 

ms. evora recorded 9 disks, her latest one in 2009.  she has stopped touring lately, after she suffered from a heartattack.


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05.02.2020 04:36
1. some
2. any, some
3. no
4. any, some
5. some
6. any
7. some, no
8. any, no, some
9. any, any, some
10. some, no

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