Iremember when we heard the news. we had been on the beach all day, waiting to hear. luckily, it was a sunny day after a week of rain! there were thousands of people on the beach because it was a public holiday and everyone was in a party mood. we just hoped we were going to get what we wanted. there were two big screens on the beach so we could see the results, and we were also listening to live music. one of my favourite singers was on in the morning and after that there was a samba band and everyone danced. suddenly, the news came through on the screens and there was a huge roar from the crowd. brazil had won the bid to host the 2016 olympics! a wave of emotion swept over me. thousands of people were dancing and singing and the sand disappeared under a sea of yellow and green brazilian flags. there was confetti everywhere. it was unbelievable. in the end the party went on all night, and it was definitely one of the best days of my life.
look at the how box. tick () the phrases used in each paragraph of the article.
how sequence a narrative
1. setting the scene € i remember when this all happened when a few years ago
2 the main sequence of events. € then next after that
3 the big event (usually something unexpected) € suddenly. to my surprise ..
4 result € in the and l've never forgotten that day. we again. it was one of the best/worst days of my life.

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she say that we shoud clean our room, then she will give us candy

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1.не уверена но может who is ken?

2.who is my sister?

3.what color are the tulips? does she speak english

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10.03.2019 18:52

where is my sweatshirt?

it is under the chair

where are your socks?

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jim: is your dinner ready at 3?

ann: no, usually dinner ready later.

jim: do you always have fish for dinner?

ann: at our table there is always seafood, but it is not always the fish. my family loves seafood, they are very useful.

jim: do you always begin your dinner at 5 ?

ann: yes, in this time my dad comes back from work, and we содимся dinner with the whole family.

jim: does your sister like to eat fish for lunch?

ann: yes, i think so.

jim: does your father bring ice cream every day?

ann: yes, my sister and i are very fond of ice cream.

jim: your silly cat doesn"t like ice cream, does he?

ann: it's strange, but my cat hates ice-cream

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