14 #look at the picture and underline the
correct prepositions.
there is a table and two chairs 1) in/on the
kitchen. the table is 2) behind/in front of the
window. there's a picture 3) on/next to the wall.
the sink is 4) under/between the window,
5) next to/between the cooker and the fridge.
the phone is 6) near/opposite the door.

Cat514   ·   04.02.2020 22:56
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фортепианно.на этом инструменте играли часто и проктически на каждом празднике играла музыка.до этого фортепианно было названно орган.играя на фортепианно мы начинаем вдохновляться  и расслабляться от всего негативного.на фортепианно есть белые- простые клавиши  а черные-диезные и бемольные клавиши.научиться играть на фортепианно не легко, нужно достаточо много усилий, хитя с виду кажется что это просто.какая прелесть эти звуки из фортепианно.


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1. spain and portugal are considered to be good places for summer vacations. 2. christmas is known to be the most popular holiday in britain and the usa 3. patriotic symbols are thought to be very important for national celebrations. 4.thanksgiving day is said to unite many american families for a thanksgiving dinner. 5. the british queen is supposed to be the most important symbol of the country. 6. british football is considered to be the best. 7. americans are said to have more national celebrations that any other nation

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10.03.2019 18:48

1.yes it is. we keep there our potatoes.

2.there are 4 rooms. there are 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs. no, we don't.

3.my house made from bricks. no, there aren't.

4.yes, there are. no, there isn't.

5.yes it is. yes i do. 

6.the ceilings are high. yes it is.

7.yes, it is. we keep them in the big room.

8.yes, it is. 

9.yes, there are. yes, it is.

10.yes, it is.

11.the rooms are cluttered.

12.yes, we do.

13.yes, we do.

14.my father is.

15.it looks like the palace on the ourside. yes, it is.

16.no, it isn't.

17.yes, it is.

18.no, we aren't.

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05.02.2020 04:36


1. in 2. in front of 3. on 4. under 5. between 6. near

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