airports are amazing mini-cities where there are hundreds of different jobs you can do. we spoke to three people who do very different things.

sarah may, 34, terminal duty manager

‘i started on the information desk and i did that for two years. most of the time people were friendly, but occasionally i had to deal with some difficult questions and some very angry people. last year, i became a terminal duty manager. now i deal with all kinds of things, including passenger complaints, visits by the rich and famous, heating failures, cleaning contracts, and health issues. in fact, i spend a lot of time walking around and talking to people on my mobile.’

john hammond, 23, baggage handler

‘doing this job means i’m very fit, because i have to carry bags and suitcases and put them onto the baggage trucks. the best thing about my job is the people

i work with. we have a lot of fun at work. the worst thing is the shift work. i hate working at night and very early in the morning. i don’t think i’m going to do this job for ever, but i’ll probably look for something else in the airport because i think it’s a really exciting place to work.’

tessa reed, 28, airport engineer

‘i studied engineering at university and worked in an office for a few years. i was quite bored, so when i saw an advert for an engineer at heathrow airport, i decided to apply. there are all kinds of things to deal with here – ventilation, heating, escalators, lifts – my job can be very busy sometimes. so many things can go wrong! i’m usually very tired when i get home, but i enjoy doing different things each day.’


example: sarah enjoyed her work on the information desk
a all the time
b most of the time
c none of the time

1 sarah started working at the airport
a last year b two years ago c more than two years ago

2 sarah doesn’t talk
a security b dealing with passenger’s problems c well-known passengers

3 in his job, john has to
a drive b put bags onto trucks c ride on the trucks

4 john likes
a working at different times of the day b carrying heavy things c the people that he works with

5 tessa’s job at the airport is her
a first job ■ b second job ■ c third job ■

6 tessa enjoys her job because
a there is always something different to do b she always has a lot to do c she likes working in a big place

write s for sarah, j for john, or t for tessa.

example: who … has to talk to passengers? s

1 did a different job at the airport before?

2 wants to find a new job?

3 is well-educated?

4 speaks on the phone a lot?

5 has a very physical job?

6 organizes visits from well-known people?

7 makes sure the airport is clean?

8 works at unusual times of the day?

9 gets very tired?

w r i t i n g

your penfriend writes to you and asks a lot of questions. write a letter and answer the questions.

•how are you / your family?

•when are you coming to stay?

•are you going to fly or get the train?

•what time will you arrive?

•do you want to go to the beach for a few days?

dear …,

thanks for your letter. i’m …​

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did ira work in a bank from 1990 to 1995? did victor go shopping yesterday? did we enjoy the party last week? did mother do a lot of work last year?

where did ira work from 1990 to 1995? when did victor go shopping? how much work did mother do last year?

did he work every day?

did he write a letter?

could he swim?

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Великобритания является  островным государством  и его  погода и климат  оказывают сильное влияние  море, которое  окружает  британских островах  (великобритания иирландия).  как  на британских островах, во много раз  меньше, чем  другие земли  в северном полушарии, они  больше зависят от  океана, чем в странах  с аналогичнымивнутренних  широты.море  нагревается и  остывает  медленнее, чем  земли, сохраняяотносительно теплые  зимы, но также делая  летом  прохладнее.  кроме того,  теплое течениеморе  называется  мексиканском заливе  продолжает  моря, на  западной стороневеликобритании  теплее-морозы  редки  в этих областях.общий климат  в великобританииназывают  умеренно  морской.  это означает, что  он мягкий  с температурой не  намного ниже, чем  0 (градусов)  с зимой  и  не намного выше,  чем за 30 (градусов)  с летом.  это также означает,  что она  влажная  и изменчива.      
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tim hasn't got many toys. has tim got many toys?

he can't write very well. can he write very well?

we aren't pupils. are we pupils?  

chuckles isn't climbing now. is chuckles climbing now?  

she doesn't play tennis every day. does she play tennis every day?

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he was tall.- он был высокий.

he would have beena teachernow.-он  был  бы учителем сейчас .

i wasreallyin america.я была в америке действительно .

i wasweakas a child.я был  слабый в детстве .

the bearwasstrong.медведь был сильный .

theywas a shot.там  был выстрел .

i worea beautiful suit.я  носил красивый костюм .

he hadan uglyhat.у него  была уродливая кепка.

was  handsome house. был красивыйдом

hislongwas not.его долго не было .

there was a largecake.там был  большой  торт.   

he was verythin.он  был    тонкий.


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