$$$ 31

how many regions are there in kazakhstan? :

a) 9.

b) 10.

c) 12.

d) 16.

e) 14.

$$$ 32

union jack is the name of the english :

a) street.

b) museum.

c) king.

d) flag.

e) hero.

$$$ 33

london is the capital of :

a) great britain.

b) scotland.

c) wales.

d) northern ireland.

e) usa.

$$$ 34

15.000 students in our university.:

a) teach.

b) taught.

c) are taught.

d) were teaching.

e) has been taught.

$$$ 35

find the sentences in passive voice:

a) the house was built by foreigners.

b) the phone has rung twice in 2 minutes.

c) i am asked about conference.

d) students are attending to the forum.

e) my friends will spend their vacation in europe.

f) london is the capital of great britain.

$$$ 36

what is english for (кататься на коньках/коньки тебу)? :

a) to skate.

b) to ski.

c) to go swimming.

d) to go mountaineering.

e) to go skating.

f) to go fishing.

$$$ 37

what is english for (играть футбол/футбол ойнау)? :

a) to play hockey.

b) to play tennis.

c) to play soccer.

d) to play badminton.

e) to play football.

f) to go cycling.

$$$ 38

he (run) away when he.(see) me:

a) run/saw.

b) runs/see.

c) ran/saw.

d) was running/saw.

e) ran/will see.

f) run/sees.

$$$ 39

he…… (say) that he…)here:

a) says/is.

b) say/been.

c) said/was.

d) said/were.

e) says/was.

f) second.

$$$ 40

what is english for (загородом/қала сыртында)? :

a) in the city.

b) in the town.

c) out of town.

d) in the country.

e) centre of the country.

f) village.

$$$ 41

i (вынужден/мәжбүр болу) stay at home today:

a) must.

b) can.

c) may.

d) could.

e) have to.

f) to be able to.

$$$ 42

we are having (замечательный/тамаша) weather just now:

a) different.

b) wonderful.

c) convenient.

d) remarkable.

e) masterpiece.

f) outstanding.

$$$ 43

the meaning of the verb to get:

a) получать/алу.

b) добираться/жету.

c) вставать/тұру.

d) ехать/бару.

e) присоединяться/қосылу.

f) встречаться/кездесу.

$$$ 44

the meaning of the verb to join:

a) ехать/бару.

b) присоединяться/қосылу.

c) встречаться/кездесу.

d) вступать/қосылу.

e) добираться/жету.

f) получать/алу.

$$$ 45

suddenly she…… (give) a loud scream and ……(fall) to the ground .

a) gives/fell.

b) gave/ had fallen.

c) has given/fell.

d) gave/fell.

e) give/falls.

f) is giving/is falling.

$$$ 46

my teacher was sure that i had passed an exam.

a) were/ had passed.

b) was/had passed.

c) was/will pass.

d) is/will pass.

e) was/passed.

f) was/will pass.

$$$ 47

the parliament of rk consist of two chambers:

a) the house of representatives.

b) the congress.

c) the senate.

d) the government.

e) the mazhilis.

f) political parties.

$$$ 48

what is english for (известный/әйгілі)? :

a) exhibit.

b) event.

c) famous.

d) historical.

e) magnificent.

f) well-known.

$$$ 49

i (to be) so tired that i ) not walk.

a) were/can.

b) was/can.

c) am/could.

d) am/can.

e) will be/could.

f) was/could.

$$$ 50

i never…….. (understand) why he ………(behave) like this.

a) understood/behaves

b) have understood/behaved.

c) had understood/will behave .

d) understood/behaved.

e) understands/behaved.

f) understanding/behaving.

$$$ 51

he……) his secretary to note down what he……).

a) ordered/dictated.

b) ordered/is dictating.

c) ordered/will dictate.

d) orders/would dictate.

e) orders/dictates.

f) is ordering/ to dictate.

$$$ 52

we…… (reach) the office when the boss ……)for delhi.

a) was reaching/was leaving.

b) were reaching/was leaving.

c) were reaching/were leaving.

d) had reached/left.

e) had reached/will leave.

f) reaches/leaves.

$$$ 53

he……. (walk) as if he .(be) lame.

a) walked/was.

b) walked/will be.

c) will walk/was.

d) were walking/were.

e) was walking/was.

f) walk/were.

$$$ 54

i…… (leave) the place only when you…….(come) back.

a) will leave.

b) leaves.

c) comes.

d) has left.

e) come.

f) will come.

$$$ 55

the river thames divides london into two large parts:

a) the city.

b) the west end.

c) westminster.

d) the east end.

e) the british government.

f) the houses of parliament.

$$$ 56

the principal rivers of the usa:

a) the arkansas.

b) the potomac.

c) the mississippi.

d) the wabash.

e) the hudson.

f) missouri.

$$$ 57

we can combine what with to begin questions:

a) adjectives.

b) noun.

c) adverbs.

d) much.

e) many.

f) kind of/sort of/type of.

$$$ 58

we can use both and to talk about plans in the future:

a) am/is/are going to+infinitive.

b) was/were going to+infinitive.

c) the present simple.

d) the present continuous.

e) past simple.

f) past continuous.

$$$ 59

we use used to+infinitive to talk about :

a) past states.

b) past actions that happened once.

c) facts or things that always happen.

d) past actions that happened many times.

e) continuing actions.

f) plans in the future.

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я пишу, чтобы претендовать на должность гид лета,которая была объявлена на этой недели в редакции "еженедельный вестник."

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1. dignity

2. integration

3. attraction

4. accommodation

5. renovation

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10.03.2019 18:48

i saw an elephant for the first time in a zoo, when i was 4. this animal is very big, elephants live in india. people there use the elephants for transportation of trees and other heavy things. i like this animal because it is clever. i wish everyone could see this amazing animal, one must go and see it.

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a)great britain


d)were teaching


a) the house was built by foreigners


b)to ski


e)to play football


d)was running/saw




c)out of town


e)have to












c), e)

























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