2. match the pairs of synonyms from a and b and translate



1. grant

2. semester

3. educational

4. finish

5. equip

6. worker

7. modern

8. expertness

9. take and return

10. appliance

11. profession

12. give

a) academic

b) skill

c) fit

d) provide

e) up-to-date

f) borrow

g) scholarship

h) complete i) vocation

j) facility

k) term

l) employee

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Пишу отрывок из сочинения (телефонный звонок) по поводу путешествия, а тема была - рассказать про погоду. но ! i decided to spend my holiday lazing in the sun on costa brava beaches. i would like to say that the weather today is on the bright side. despite yesterday boiling hot weather and downpour, now i am taking delight in sitting on the balcony in this balmy summer evening. you can not imagine what happened yesterday. i have never seen such a cloudburst. it was as if the heavens had opened. i was noy able to discern anything throught that wall of rain. but it is worth bearing it for the sake of today's perfect weather. however sometimes weаther can be humid but a light breeze helps yyou to overcome these inconviniences.
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i approach to him.i proved it.he doesn*t touch this book.a honest man is going to me. be a careful ,please.we are working very careless.suspect man is going to home.

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10.03.2019 18:51

1) he has lost his car keys

2) he fell over/he has fallen over

3) they have a baby

4) we haven't been eating all day

5) they have just scored a goal

6) she has missed the bus

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