Сделайте пердложение в present perfect passive

АлиАбдрахманов   ·   04.02.2020 01:06
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11.03.2019 16:40

1. its easy for me bcz i think that only wise man can admit his mistakes.

2. i try, but sometimes im so busy and cant answer at once.

3. yes, because its easy and with faces my friend can undrestand my emotions better. 

4. certainly.

5. no, i dont know. well, may be somebody of my friends pray before going to bed, we 6. just     never  havent  discussed it.

7. certainly, i wanna relax!

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10.03.2019 18:53

1. she is fifteen now but she has already travelled to over twenty countries.

2. some years ago he   was a doctor but he decided to see the world.

3. the first time this man went abroad was three years ago.

4. i can't go there now, i have told you several times. 

5. now it is the first time she   is driving a car. 

6. it seems to me that somebody has just knocked the door.

7. when he   came, his family was sitting in the dining-room speaking in a whisper. why are you whispering   ? - he asked them. what happened ?  

8. when she entered the room, her daughter was drawing a picture.   when she finished drawing, she   said . look! what a funny dog i have just   drawn ! do you like it ?

9. are you waiting for beth? - yes. why isn't she coming ?   i think she   is late. 

10. you know what profession he chose as a career.

11.   do you have money to pay for ticket ? - i am afraid i have forgotten my purse at home.

12. we made some good friends when   we were in france. 

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10.03.2019 18:53

1.не уверена но может who is ken?

2.who is my sister?

3.what color are the tulips?

4.how does she speak english

Ответ разместил: kozinasofia2006
04.02.2020 04:36
Dinner had been already cooked when children came home from school.

the test hadn't been written successfully because it wasn't prepared good enough.

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