a only uses movement & facial
expressions to perform
b throws objects in the air &
catches them
c performs magic tricks in the
open air
d tells jokes on stage
e performs stunts on a swing
in a circus
f dresses up and keeps still in
the street
g performs in a drama set to
classical music

SoniaSonce   ·   02.02.2020 23:39
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Ответ разместил: dolbiob
10.03.2019 18:51

how much sugar do you need for the cake ?   there aren,t many beans in the tin.  are there many mangoes left ?   i have got a lot of of butter in the fridge.  how many biscuits do  you want ?  

Ответ разместил: sido137
10.03.2019 18:51

меня зовут лера. я иду в школу, мне десять лет! мне нравится кататься на коньках, и я занимаюсь танцами. я достойная ученица! я живу в городе москве!

Ответ разместил: Nikitunnik
10.03.2019 18:48
1) he is at home,  is not he? 2) i'm drunk, am not i? 3) you can't help him, can you? 4) we mustn't do it,  must we?

5) they were at the party, were not they?

6) he will not be back, will he?

7) she could help us, could not she?

8) you have no mercy, have you?

9) we have some food, have not we?

10) he will be here, won't he?

11) it's not tasty, is it?

12) it was good, was not it?

Ответ разместил: gjkbyf20061974
03.02.2020 02:36

ответ: какой вопрос?


Ответ разместил: karinaandreevozb5ha
03.02.2020 02:36

a ---mime

b--- juggler

c--- street magician

d--- comedian

e--- trapeze

f--- living statue

g--- opera singer

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