Используя do или does , спроси об увлечениях этих людей.
образец: mary/to ride horses
does mary like to ride horses?
1) raymond / to drive a car
2) jane / to skate
3) jim / to ski
4) bob / to sing english songa
5) may and pat / to dance
6) mark and roy / to play tennis

viloverbe   ·   02.02.2020 22:26
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Ответ разместил: bortnikovaolen
10.03.2019 18:53

пасха , татьянин день , масленица , рождество христово , день защитника отечества

Ответ разместил: Millat23
10.03.2019 18:53
My family isn't large. besides my parents i have an elder sister whose name is irina. she is 19 and she is a student of the institute.  i am masha. i am 13 and i am a student of the secondary school. i am not very tall but i am not short either. i  like  skating and reading. my mother's name is inna vasilievna. she is 39 and she is a nurse in our hospital. my mother is very pretty and kind. my father's name is ivan petrovich. he is 42 and he is a driver in the same hospital. my father is very strong and strict. he  likes to play chess  and we  often  play chess  in the evening. our granny doesn't live with us, but she lives not far from our house so i  often come to see  her on sundays. i visited her  last night  and she  was  glad  to see me. we have supper then i read my favourite book about animals and i  went to bed  about 12 p.m. we are a friendly family and we try to get along with each other and try  to discuss  our problems and to solve them  together.
Ответ разместил: ftsvftsvftsv19
10.03.2019 18:52

1. many people are afraidof    spiders.

2. my friend ali is really good at    english.

3. but he's very bad at    maths.

4. i am really interested in    nature programmes on tv.

5. my brother is keen on    collecting stamps.

6. i'm very proud of  improving my english.

7. i'm worried about  global warming and the environment.

8. this table is  next  to the window.

9. the box the table.

Ответ разместил: тдтщ
03.02.2020 02:36

1) does raymond like to drive a car?

2) does jane like to skate?

3) does jim like to ski?

4) does bob like to sing english songs?

5) do may and pat like to dance?

6) do mark and roy like to play tennis?

Ответ разместил: jak15
03.02.2020 02:36

does raymond like to drive a car?

does jane like to skate?

does jim like to ski?

does bob like to sing english songs?

do may and pat like to dance?

do mark and roy like to play tennis?

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