Можете написать ответ. кому не сложно. зарание )​

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1) have you ever seen fish _  jump? 2) how can you make a child _    learn to be polite? 3) we all want you to be very happy.4) yesterday i heard someone_ say that the weather was going to change.5) i will let you _  go to the cinema if you are good.6) sara did not expect her mother to give her a pet as a birthday present.7) i did not notice him _ leave the room.8) the children were made to learn a long poem by heart.9) in the dark the boy felt his father _ take him by the hand.10) margo would like her teacher not to be so strict. 

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анна в печали. его кот милый. я вижу крокодила. собака ника забавная. лиса хитрая.

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1 many old castles used to have torture chambers.

2 as the wind blew the leaves made a rustling sound.

3 the kraken would create a dull whirlpool to pull ships down to the bottom of the sea.

4 cubist paintings often have violent colours.

5 every culture has stories of mythical creatures.

6 nessie could be a dinosaur that somehow survived.

7 we caught a glimpse of a weird-looking creature hiding in the bushes.

8 of strange creatures have been reported by people all over the world.

9 people who see one picture inside another are experiencing an optical illusion.

10 nessie has a long neck and a humped back.


я бы расставил слова так, но предложений 10, а слов всего 9

поэтому что поставить в 8 предложение не понятно.

переводится оно как " странных существ были переданы (рассказаны) людьми  по всему мира"


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