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i'd like to describe picture number 1.
заканчивая строками:
that is all wanted to say.

AliceAngelCat123   ·   01.02.2020 20:28
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10.03.2019 18:52

1.no one has seen him anywhere this week.-  he has not been seen by anybody  anywhere this week.

2.somebody has invited her to the party.- she has been invited  by somebody to the party

3.they have done all the exercises in written form.- all the exercises have  been done by them    in written form

4.they are constructing some new mero lines now- some new mero lines  are being constructed by them now

5.he is examining the last student there.- the last studenthe is  being examined  by him  there

6.i know her family.- her family is  known by me .

7.i am sure they will offer you a very interesting job.-  i am sure you  will  be offered  a very interesting job by them

8.they informed me that they had seen you in oxford street.-  i was  informed  that you had been seen by them  in oxford street

9.yesterday i met them walking in the park.- yesterday  they were  met  by me walking in the park

10.they sent you the invitation last week-  you were  sent  the invitation by them  last week

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10.03.2019 18:52

1)reply  blessed  old  student  teacher.2)the boy was  forced  to stay home,  because he  was sick.

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10.03.2019 18:51

a loyal friend is a friend who will never betray you, who will always be by your side. he or she will never backstab you, and no matter how bad things may seem, they will comfort you and stay by you. this in my opinion, characterizes a true loyal friend. but in reality it is hard to find such loyal friends, because not many people can be so loyal with other people. friends often lie to each other, hurt each other, and may even start hating each other for the stupidest reasons. but if you look hard and wide, then surely one day you will find that one loyal friend who will be by your side the rest of your life. you just have to not give up! that is the key. 

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02.02.2020 07:36


план ответа:

• the place  

• the action  

• the appearance of the person  

• whether you like the picture or not  

• why  

i'd like to describe picture number 1. the picture shows a little girl.

(place) i think she is in the classroom because i can see a blackboard in the background.

(action) the girl is sitting at the desk and writing something in her exercise book. she is smiling.

(appearance) i guess the girl is six. she has long dark hair. she is wearing her hair in a pony tail. i feel she has expressive eyes with long eyelashes. the girl is wearing a uniform.

(like or not) i like the picture because it reminds me of my younger sister.

that is all wanted to say about this photo.

Ответ разместил: limka13
02.02.2020 07:36

i'd like to describe picture number 1.in this picture i can see a classroom.i think it is big and light.there is a blackboard in the classroom.there is a desk in front of the blackboard.a girl is sitting at the desk.she is writing and smiling.i think she is a pupil of the first form.the girl is very neat.she is wearing a white blouse and a school uniform.

that is all i wanted to say.

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