My unusual celebration сочинение на языке написать

kckekdkalexter   ·   01.02.2020 20:17
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10.03.2019 18:53

1)i am not interested in music.

2) we don't  usually have lunch in the cafeteria.

3) nathan doesn't  often travel on business.

4) sometimes i don't arrive at work before 8

5) the bank doesn't    open on saturday at 10.

6) she   doesn't  go to bed between 10 and 11.

7) they don't  employ a lot of people this year.

8) naoko   isn't  japanese.

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10.03.2019 18:51

1. have you got any coffee? - no, i haven't  any. 2. i don't see anything/anybody . it is dark here. 3. have you got any  questions? - yes, we have some. 4. do you know  anybody in group 12? 5. somebody rang you at five o'clock. 6. give me  some  time to think about it. 7. my grandfather doesn't watch any tv shows. 8. did you go out anywhere  last hight?

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10.03.2019 18:51

my money was spent on books last month.


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02.02.2020 07:36


i really like the holidays, because on such days you can always expect nice gifts from friends and parents. something unusual and interesting also happens on such days, thanks to which we then for a long time keep in our hearts pleasant memories of accomplished events.

i especially remember the day of my twelve year old. then my parents arranged an amazing holiday for me.

that day i woke up very early and immediately ran to my mother’s kitchen, but before i reached my goal, i, amazed, stopped in the middle of the hallway. there, in a floor vase, there was a large bouquet of roses of various shades, and next to it lay a beautiful fashionable bag and a box with a new smartphone. but this was only a small part of the surprises of this day.

after breakfast, my mother said that i need to wear sportswear, since we are going to ride horses. at first i did not even believe her words, because i had long dreamed about this, but i never thought that my dream would come true.

and so the whole family came to the hippodrome. there we first met horses and ponies, and then went on our first horseback ride. the sensations were simply unforgettable, i was overwhelmed with a feeling of delight, and i was infinitely grateful to my parents for such a wonderful gift.

we returned home only in the evening, but what was my surprise when in the yard i saw my friends living in the neighborhood. it turned out that it was mom who invited them to the holiday, and they had been waiting for me for some time.

mom said that now we will go to the pizzeria. i ran home for a few minutes to change clothes and put myself in order, and then we all went together to a cafe where our parents ordered us some tables.

there we ate deliciously and had fun from the heart. friends congratulated me and gave wonderful gifts. on this day, thanks to my close people, i felt the happiest in the world. and now i can say with confidence that this was the best holiday in my life

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