5.we (to arrive) home late.
(6.the children always (to do) homework.
|(2.they (to read) the newspapers every evening.
|(8) we often (to drink) tea together.
(9)she (to have)a new dress.

, нужно возвести в present simple в 3 формах​

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как то так!


space is not only a unique laboratory where new materials and explores the universe. outer space is also the arena of the future of mankind, to be exact — postčelovečestva. it is the material from which the distant future we will be able to create its universe.

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write the sentences using each word.

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10.03.2019 18:53

1. it's raining outdoors.-where is it  raining?

2. oxford is an old and historical place.- what  is an old and historical place? what  place  is oxford?

3. bob is a computer programmer. - who is a computer programmer?

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