Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме present simple

mark: hi, tess! what are you doing?
tess: i'm watching the football team.
mark: do you ) them every day?
tess: no, i don't. they (not play) every day. they play four times a week.
mark: you (have) a favourite player?
tess: no, i (not have) a favourite player. everyone in the team is good.
mark: the attacker (move) fast?
tess: no, he (not move) fast, but he's very you (like) football, mark?
mark: no, i (not like) it. i like basketball. it's a great sport.

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they are leaving for japan next tuesday. they will stay for a fortnight in tokyo.as soon as you arrive in london give me a call.if the weather stays fine we shall go to the seaside for the weekend. when we arrived at the airport we went directly to our hotel by taxi. i've been in canada but i haven't been in africa.i was going to berlin on business when , by accident , i got on the wrong train. he got into the car and started the engine. my brother has been in paris three times.when i came into the hotel room i started to take my clothes out of my suitcase.robert came to the telephone box and got out of his car.when the letters arrive at the local post-office , the daily deliveries are made. who was the first person to swim across the english channel? we walked up to the top floor. she'll go to college if she gets good grades in her exams. mrs. wood got off the bus and walked along the street towards the post-office. he enjoyed the peace and quiet as he walked through the forest.

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Odessa is a beatiful hero-city on the black sea coast. it is often called the pearl by the sea. more than one million people live there. it  is the third most populous city of  ukraine   and a major tourism centre, warm seaport and transportation centre. odessa is famous for its hospitable  people. they have a remarkable sense of humor.  the citizens and guests of odessa  like its clear green streets and squares, interesting monuments,  beautiful  cathedrals, parks, fountains, theatres, delphinariy, arcadia beach.  there are a lot of modern comfortable hotels for numorous tourists and guests of the city,  film-making cinema studio, famous privoz-market and other landmarks. welcome to odessa and have a wonderful rest there! i am sure that you will like it. одесса - прекрасный город-герой на черноморском побережье. его часто называют жемчужиной у моря. там проживает более миллиона человек. это третий по численности населения город украины и крупный туристический центр, теплый морской порт и транспортный центр.  одесса славится своим гостеприимным народом. у одесситов замечательное чувство юмора.  горожане и гости одессы любят её чистые зеленые улицы и площади, интересные памятники, красивые соборы, парки, фонтаны, театры, дельфинарий, пляж  аркадия.  здесь есть множество современных комфортабельных отелей для многочисленных туристов и гостей города, киностудия по производству, фильмов, знаменитый рынок - привоз и другие достопримечательности. посетите oдессу! я уверен она вам понравится. 
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1) you must pass passport control at the airport.

2) i don't have to be home exactly at 6 pm everyday, because i'm 17.

3) should i translate all these documents at once?

4) he thought that he had to shake hands with everybody, but the traditions were different in that country.

5)i must get permission for the exam as soon as possible.

6) justin thinks that angelina shouldn't change her appearance.

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watchdont playdo you have haven'tdoes the attacker movedoesn't movedo you likedont like

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