Нужно написать плюсы и минусы учебой по обмену ! ​

Vureshivatel   ·   01.02.2020 18:41
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14.03.2019 23:10

например: я хочу чтобы мой класс был в голубом цвете чтобы парты были красивые было удобно сидеть были бы в нашем классе много шкафчиков цветов чтобы доска была и мы писали на компьютерах ну что то типо такого

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13.03.2019 15:00
Today i woke up at 8 o'clock. it is so late for me, i was scared. i was dressing up 10 minutes, and i lost my favourite jeans. i didn't eat my breakfast today and very quickly ran from house. today i was standing 20 minutes on bus station, but my bus didn't come! i was running to school throw over houses, because today i must write exam on first lesson! so, i came to school too late, my friends were writting exam in our class. teacher looked at me and answered: "why you came in middle of lesson! ? " i was really sad. on break between lessons all were lauthing and playing, i was sitting alone in the corner. but suddenly my classmate sat next to me and said: "take a pease of chocolate and don't cry! " now i'm happy.
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10.03.2019 18:52

are there many  lakes and rivers in your country? what are the main lakes and rivers in your country? where are the deepest lakes and  longest rivers in the world?

are there many  parks and stadiums in your city?    

Ответ разместил: Азот11
02.02.2020 08:36



make friends with foreign children

to learn more about the culture of the country

find out the most popular places in this country

find out the country's national holidays

learn a few phrases in the country's language


you will miss your family and friends

if you are sad you will not have a loved one with you

at first you may experience discomfort

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