Номер 99 флан любой , какой вы захотите , времени нету вообще

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13.03.2019 10:40

1)the famous lecturer was warmly greeted by the students.

2)the beatles were popularised by the public.

3)the room was cleaned by the children.

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12.03.2019 11:00

day 1: monday - in the morning i thought hard about my algebra test and tried my best in school, i was in a bad mood because i wasn't able to answer a question during geography.

tuesday- i didn't have breakfast and was i late to school but then i found out that i got a good mark in algebra and i was very happy.

wednesday- the chemistry teacher said that i did well in  last week's test and i was very glad, but then i forgot about the geometry test and failed it miserably.

thursday- it was a very boring day, we had biology which i really dislike and i failed to asnwer a question and got a bad mark.

friday- friday is my favourite day, i had a good time because my class and i had a fun history project in which i did very well and got a good mark.

saturday- i woke up at around 10 o'clock and then went to extra english at 11 am. in the afternoon i went out with my friends and i watched tv and browsed the internet in the evening.

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10.03.2019 18:52

smiling - улыбаться

cloudy - облачно (облачный)

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10.03.2019 18:51

the park covers an area of 14 hectares. its creation began in 1951 by architect mikhailov. the highest professional gipg (national institute of urban design) from moscow well, "wrote" it in a flat part of the city. park "hydro" is included in textbooks on landscape architecture as a model of classical style in the regular structure ofthe park.

park is a favorite vacation spot volzhan. kids in the park can always ride the merry carousel. for young people in the park provides concert stage with a variety of activities. the older generation can stroll along the shady avenues and see dancing to a brass band. most of the newlyweds in their wedding day is considered mandatory to fulfill the tradition of his first dance in the rotunda, and photographed on the bridge of "lady's caprice."

city recreation park is he same age of the city. it was opened to the public july 25, 1954.

in 1956, the main avenue of the park was adorned with the sculpture "girl with a cock," was built rotunda. the remaining sculptures appeared in 1961.

the name "hydro," the park was awarded july 13, 1990 in honor of the great merits of gidrostroiteley in connection with the 14th anniversary of volgogradgidrostroya. park is loved by all generations volzhan how many appointments, meetings, pleasant memories stored in their memory! a rotunda was not only a symbol of the park, but also a symbol of the city.

in 1999 the park was recognized as the best in the volgograd region and annually confirmed this title.

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