Нужно заполнить пропуски в предложениях, используя present simple or past simple. be (2) lose(2) go rain leave (2) see meet 1. jim often things. yesterday he his umbrella. 2. it sunny today, but yesterday it all day. 3. last sunday we to the cinema. the film boring. 4. lisa home at 8. yesterday at 8.15. 5. i nick yesterday. i him on the way home.

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правильный ответ- my teacher has got short fair hair. потому что «she», а с данным подлежащим мы ставим has

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1) раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в present simple,

    a) these cadets work in the port every friday.

    b) we go  to bed very late.

    c) his ship does not call at this port.

2) вопросы к предложениям (к подлежащему, общий, специальный)

    john goes to the library every day.

when does john go to the library.

who goes to the library every day.

where does john go every day.

what does john do every day

3) поставьте нужную форму глагола to be.

    a) john is speaking to his father now.

    b) my parents are working in the garden now.

    c) my brother is doing his homework in his room.

4) переведите.

    дон учится в речном училище. 

john studies in phylology school.

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1)frogs can jump

2) frogs can eat

3) frogs can swim

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1lostes, losted 2 is,was 3 went, was 4 is, was 5 saw met, see

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